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Acapulco Nightlife

acapulco nightlife

Acapulco is best known for its non-stop party nightlife. There are many cool and fun clubs, restaurants and discos to satisfy your every desire when it comes time to party. Several places have beach or foam parties, but there is never a problem finding out where to go. Most venues are open until sunrise and you will never have the time to visit them all. Acapulco nightlife is unbelievable.

The world famous party scene starts late and ends early the next morning. Do not expect much nightlife action in the many discos until around 11 pm; be prepared to stay until sunrise or even later. If you are an early riser it is not unusual to see the last stragglers on their way home well after the sun has come up. Acapulco's night life entertainment is varied, with wild discos, piano bars, tropical extravaganzas, live shows and concerts.

El Alebrije
Costera Alemán 3308
This high-tech club boasts an exterior of reflection pools, gardens, and flaming torches. Inside, stadium seating, booths and round tables surround the vast dance floor -- the disco (capacity 1,200) doubles as a venue for concerts and live performances by some of Mexico's most notable singers. The dress code forbids shorts, T-shirts, tennis shoes, sandals, and jeans. Average age here is late teens to early 20s. Open daily from 11pm to 5am.

Costera Alemán 22
This longtime Acapulco favorite is a throwback to the town's heady disco days, although the music is exceptionally contemporary. The mid-to-late-20s crowd dances to everything from house to hip-hop, techno to dance. Located across from the Romano Days Inn, Baby-O has a dance floor surrounded by several tiers of tables and sculpted, cavelike walls, serviced by five bars. Drinks cost $4 to $5. Three-dimensional laser shows and H2O cooling effects keep the dancing going strong. Service is excellent. This is a great choice for those who shun mammoth clubs in favor of a more intimate setting -- although there's generally a good crowd. It opens at 10:30pm.

Carretera Escénica
Venture into this stylish chrome-and-neon extravaganza (formerly Enigma) perched on the side of the mountain for a true Acapulco nightlife experience. The plush, dim club has a sunken dance floor and panoramic view of the lights of Acapulco Bay. The club also has an intimate piano bar upstairs overlooking the disco, called Siboney, with a special champagne menu, which draws a more mature and moneyed crowd. The after-hours lounge Privado, also in the same building, opens its doors at 3am. Downstairs, there's pumped-in mood smoke, alternating with fresh oxygen to keep you dancing. Tight and slinky is the norm for women; no shorts for men. The club opens nightly at 10:30pm; fireworks rock the usually full house at 3am, which is when a stylized dance performance takes place on weekends in the style of Euro clubs. Call to find out if you need reservations, this club tends to be busiest on Friday nights.

Carretera Escénica
This cliff-side club currently reins as the top spot in town, and is found just down the road from Mandara. Generally, it welcomes a younger, rowdier crowd that enjoys the equally fabulous views and the dancing platforms set in the 48m-wide (160-ft.) glass windows overlooking the bay. Around 3am, Silver Man, complete with an Aztec headdress, performs, followed by a spray of fireworks outside the windows. Palladium has welcomed the world's finest DJs as special guests. The layout of the club is more open, which makes meeting people most accessible.

Carretera Escénica 28
This club offers a fantastic bay view. It caters to a more mature crowd -- it allegedly admits only those over 25, though the attendants seem to bend the rules for women -- and is particularly popular with the moneyed Mexico City set. The club periodically projects a laser show across the bay. The dress code prohibits shorts, jeans, T-shirts, or sandals. Reservations are recommended. It's open nightly from 10:30pm to 2:30am, until 4am on weekends and when the crowd demands it.

Carlos 'n' Charlie's
Costera Alemán 999
For fun, danceable music and good food, you can't go wrong with this branch of the Carlos Anderson chain. It's always packed. Come early and get a seat on the terrace overlooking the Costera. This is a great place to go for late dinner and a few drinks before moving on to a club. It's east of the Glorieta Diana traffic circle, across the street from the Fiesta Americana Condesa. It's open daily from 1pm to 1am.

Hard Rock Café
Costera Alemán 37
If you like your music loud, your food trendy, and your entertainment international, you'll feel at home in Acapulco's branch of this chain bent on world domination. Elvis memorabilia greets you in the entry area, and among other numerous mementos is the Beatles' gold record for "Can't Buy Me Love." There's a bandstand for live music -- played every night between 10pm and 2am -- and a small dance floor. It's on the seaward side toward the southern end of the Costera, south of the convention center. Open daily from noon to 2am.

N Joy
Costera Alemán
A large disco with many couches, a good-sized dance floor, dancers on stages, and your typical selection of Spanish dance music. Located south of Cinemark on La Costera. Saturday is the night to go - because it is so large, you will have more fun if it is crowded.

Sr. Frog's
Carretera Escénica, Comercial La Vista
The craziest parties in Acapulco! Every night is different with great music, perfect service and shows behind your wildest dreams. The ambiance is great for a night of fun in one of the best nightclubs in Acapulco. You can’t miss it. It’s one of the preferred places by nightlife lovers, especially during Spring and Summer breaks.

Acapulco Nightlife